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Latex Blanket Molds

A simple mold making technique for bas relief and decorative moldings.

Multi-Part Molds

Techniques used in creating two-part and multi-part molds.

Making the Basic Block Mold

Use this technique for quickly creating small 360-degree parts.

Multi-Part Latex Molds

Low cost mold making using liquid latex and plaster mother molds.

Casting Thin-Walled Parts

Using injection molding to reproduce thin-wall parts.

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Associated Products

MoldRite 25 Silicone

MoldRite 25 is a silicone rubber ideal for making molds of art and sculpture pieces.

KastEZ Resin

KastEZ Resin is an ivory white opaque resin ideal for art casting. Can be colored.

CastRite Art Stone

CasRite is a gypsum art stone which provides superior detail for castings.

DeMilano Clay

DeMilano is a non-drying plastillina clay best used in mold making and modeling.