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Antique Hardware Duplication

Using cold casting techniques to replace metal and wooden handles.

The Poured Blanket Mold

A simple mold making technique for bas relief and decorative moldings.

Restoring a 1918 Stern Wheeler

Use this technique for quickly creating small 360-degree parts.

Restoring a 1918 Stern Wheeler

Creating parts to restore the last stern wheel tow boat in USA.

Casting Thin-Walled Parts

Using injection molding to reproduce thin-wall parts.

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Associated Products

KastEZ Resin

KastEZ Resin is an opaque resin used in bonding metal and stone powders.

Copper Powder

Copper powder is an excellent choice when combined with resin, for furniture inlaying.

Brass Powder

Brass powder makes a brilliant cold casting surface when polished

AquaClear Resin

This is a water clear resin which is also excellnt to use for cold casting.