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Reproducing Garden Pavers

Using latex molding to create decorative garden pavers.

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Latex Mold Making

Simple latex mold making to create garden bas relief decoration.

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Silicone Garden Art Molds

Two-part silicone mold for small garden art pieces.

Two Part Concrete Molds

Creating decorative two-part concrete molds.

Casting Thin-Walled Parts

Using injection molding to reproduce thin-wall parts.

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Associated Products

MoldQuik Urethane

MoldQuick polyurethane rubber is a great choice for concrete molds and stamping.

Kreemtex Liquid Latex

A great low cost mold making latex for any application. Extra creamy means less coats needed.

MoldRite 25 Silicone

MoldRite 25 is a silicone rubber ideal for making molds of garden art and sculpture pieces.

ArtLube Mold Release

ArtLube-100 is the perfect mold release for all your mold making needs.