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Celebrating our 20th year, EnvironMolds features ArtMolds®, EZ Cast Kits®, MoldGel® and other great brands of Life Casting, Mold Making, Sculpting Supplies, Molding and Casting Materials, supplies, books, educational videos and resources. Life casting or body casting (read more about it here) is the art of mold making directly from the human body. Here you will find the largest offerings of mold making supplies, life casting art, our EZ Cast Kits® body casting kits, alginate, silicone, latex, and life casting supplies, casting and sculpture tools, videos, books and instruction, vacuum chambers and pumps found anywhere. Jst getting started? Use the Use and Application Chart as a handy guide for what products to use.


Announcing our newly designed life casting, mold making and casting and upgraded website. Redesigned to make it easier to navigate and locate the products you need to bring your ideas to life. We have lots of exciting news from the ArtMolds® product line additions to include our EZ Cast Kit® line of life casting kits and new additions to our ceramic line. We have continued to add other new products as well, and to add to our list of distributors from around the globe. The website is divided into Products and Applications. Forthose that know what products they want, you can go to PRODUCTS and quickly find what you need. Ifyou are not certain what products use, the select APPLICATIONS to get product suggestions for your project. (Read More News)

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