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You get a lot of cooper powder at a very low cost, I am using it to fill cracks in wood with superglue. The powder is very fine and does not seem like it will work at first, but it does! Polishes up to a nice copper penny look that others have mentioned.

Los Angeles, CA

The ArtMolds face casting kit arrived on time and without any problems. I like that the powder is kept in a heavy-duty sealed bag to keep moisture out. The mesh size of the powder is perfect for doing most projects as well.


This CastRite casting plaster is just as advertised. Easy to work with and comes in a plastic bag, within the box, so there is no dusty residue all over the place. If you take care you won't get many air bubbles like cheap plaster of Paris.

Peter Casti

ArtBands Plaster Bandages ..Does what it needs to do. I'm using it for a project and have only had time for applying thins layers so my "sculpture" is a bit flimsy. Waiting on warmer temptress for faster drying time.


Will order again, I used Seelfast sodium silicate to glue rocks to a wooden block so I could cut without wast. It works great

Theresa Hirosky

Excellent Christmas Present. I got the ArtMolds Pro Hand Casting Kit for my daughter and her husband and the baby for Christmas. We had so much fun making it

Sasse Girl

Bought 3 boxes of LifeRite Silicone, and created a mold of myself. With Vaseline or without this product held strong and produced perfect results. Easy to release with the Vaseline, it stuck a bit more without. I really like this silicone, price is a bit high or I’d make more.


I used this LifeMold alginate to make hand and feet mold of my one year old baby. It was super easy to use. If you want to work on a slower pace, I'd recommend using room temperature water. If you can work quickly then use warm water. I experimented with both temperatures and found that room temperature was much easier to use.