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reborn painting

How to Paint Silicone Surfaces

Using silicone dyes to apply color that permanently adheres to silicone


Doll Reborning Techniques

Finishing and preparing the sculpted doll for mold making.


Creating Two-Part Molds

Mold making technique required for doll reborning reproductions.

Making the Basic Block Mold

Use this technique for quickly creating small 360-degree parts.

Casting Thin-Walled Parts

Using injection molding to reproduce thin-wall parts.

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Associated Products

SkinRite 10 Silicone

2-part translucent silicone that simulates look and feel of real skin. Ideal for reborns.

Polyurethane Rubber

EnvironMolds polyurethane rubber for mold making with SkinRite 25 casting.

Silicone Paint System

Cirius silicone paint system dyes adhere to silicone surfaces when mixed with paint medium.

Silicone Paint Medium

The silicone paint medium is mixed with the silicone dyes to adhere to silicone surfaces.