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ArtMolds Featured On "Change Of Heart" TV Show

Change Of Heart, the Warner Brothers syndicated TV show taped a segment of their show in the ArtMolds Studios in Millington, NJ, on February 9, 2002 for telecast on a March broadcast. Lifecasting artist Ed McCormick created a front torso lifecasting using ArtMolds Front Torso Casting Kit on Shimequa, one of the shows' contestants. The following are a sequence of photos demonstrating the steps in creating the front torso cast. Click on the picture for a greater size and better explanation. 


The initial pose is established while the model remains clothed.


Model disrobes and takes the pose which will last about 30 minutes.


MoldGel Sloset is mixed with warm water and applied to the model starting at the neck.


The torso is covered from neck to mid thigh  insuring complete coverage.


Before The MoldGel dries, fiber is embedded to hold the plaster bandages.


Shimequa's date is ready to help apply the plaster bandages.


Plaster bandages are applied in three layers and smoothed flat.


When the mold is dried it is carefully removed and set aside.


The cast was created using CastRite. It will be bronzed for the show.

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