Product Applications Chart

Use this chart to find the correct ArtMolds brand product for your application

Product Use and applications chart

Antique Restoration

Methods and materials to restore and repair antique items

Art Casting

Recommended materials and techniques used in art casting

Ballistic Supplies

Ballistic clays and gels used in performing ballistic testing

Candle Making

Learn how to make candles using EnvironMolds waxes

Cold Casting

Cold casting methods to reproduce various materials in metal, stone and wood

Culinary Mold Making

Materials and instruction on creating food-safe molds for cooking and baking

Doll Making and Reborning

The process of creating life-like baby and infant dolls is referred to as reborning

Faux / Fake Food

Learn to create unique and realistic artificial food displays

Fishing Lures

EnvironMolds offers a complete line of formulations for the soft plastic fishing lure industry

Fossil Preservation

Learn how to cast and preserve fossils

Garage Models

A garage modelor kit is a scale model assembly commonly cast in polyurethane resin

Garden Art and Statuary

Easily create beautiful concrete statues and artwork for the garden materials

Mask Making

Instruction on latex mask making, step by step for full head latex masks

Sculpture Reproduction

Instruction and material to reproduce almost anything

Life Casting and Body Casting

Life casting is an exciting artistic pursuit – to create artistic body cast you need the best casting

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