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Life Casting and Body Casting

Life Casting and Body Casting

Life casting is an exciting artistic pursuit. But to create artistic quality body casts you need the best life casting products for a safe environment for your model. EnvironMolds' life casting products offers the user many options for skin-safe products such as body-casting safe alginates or silicones. We strive only to offer environmentally and user-friendly life casting products whether its alginate, silicone, plaster bandages or accessory tools and studio equipment. You can be sure you that the life casting experience for you and your model will be a good one. As you become more skilled at the art of life casting you might want to consider a part time or even a full time business creating memorable life casting for others. To assist you in this regard we have devoted an entire section of this website to helping you enter the life casting business.

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Materials Needed for Life Casting

Learn the various materials used in life casting.

Hand Casting Techniques

Learn how easy it is to create artistic hand castings.

baby casting 

Casting the Infant

Techniques and best methods to create memorable baby castings.

Face Casting Part-1

Face casting made simple in this educational 2-part video.

Face Casting Part-2

Face casting made simple in this educational 2-part video.

ring of hands 

Casting a Ring of Hands

A ring of hands is a great way to preserve family memories.

dancers foot 

Casting a Dancer's Foot

A foot requires more preparation and technique compared hands.

holding objects 

Casting Holding an Object

How to cast a hand while holding an object.


Casting a Wiggly Child

A few techniques used to cast a squirming child.

couple hands 

Casting Couple Hands

How to create perfect life castings of couples hands.

Finishing Hand Castings

How to decorate and display hand castings.

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Associated Products

FiberGel Alginate

Patented fiber reinforced for ultra strong tear resistant life casting molds.

AlgiSlo 4-in-1

Retarter/Bonder/Softener/Cleaner. Adds set time. Bonds , softens, and cleans dried alginate, too.

MoldEZ Hair Release

Water soluble! This gem of a product avoids the hassle of tangled hair - water soluable.

Plaster Bandages

Creamy and smooth plaster bandage especially formulated to set within 5-minutes.

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Life Casting and Body Casting