Life Casting Iman

Iman, the American-Somali Super Model

One afternoon I received a call at the studio from a young lady identifying herself as from a major UK firm and asking if I could do a life casting commission. She described the project as casting the upper torso of an international model for a project that they were involved with. When I asked who it was, she said that the name had to remain anonymous as this was a highly secret project. "Of course, I could do it," I said.

The big day arrived. A black limousine pulled up to my old studio. Two young ladies got out. I didn’t recognize any of them. One was younger, very pale looking while the other was much taller with a beautiful bronze toned complexion and wearing large dark glasses.

The four completed replicas of Iman's full upper torso, sans breasts ready to be used by European jewelry designers.

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