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What is life casting anyway?" (Often written lifecasting). That's the question that I hear most often when I mention the type of art I produce. Since I respond to it so often I learned to conserve my words - " taking a mold from the human body is" is usually my abbreviated retort. But in fact, it is much more than making a body mold as it  is one of the oldest art forms dating back to when Egyptian artisans used gypsum and linen or papyrus to make masks.

Before reading on you should visit the  kit page where you will find the largest selection of these unique kits anywhere. Now back to our introduction. One might as well ask what photography is and receive the simple answer that it is a method of reproducing an exact likeness of a three-dimensional object in two dimensions. It is the right answer, but far from an adequate one.  . . (read more)


David Parvin, sculptor, life casting artist, author and life casting instructor demonstrates how to life cast a clothed figure using alginate molding.

An Interview With Ed McCormick - Ed McCormick, Managing Director of the Association of Lifecasters International explains the art of life casting.

How to Cast a Memorable Ring of Hands - Learn how to cast a ring of hands of three or more. They make great family gifts that will be treasured a lifetime.

Face Casting Workshop Showing Basic Face Casting Techniques - Ed McCormick, demonstrates the standard face casting technique in one of his mold making workshops.

Casting Hands Holding Objects - Hands are one of the easier life casting sculptures to create; adding held objects are easier than you can image, and more interesting.

How to Successfully Cast the Ear-Two Techniques - This video shows how to cast the ear; both the special effects method as well as the traditional casting technique.

Full Body Casting-Demonstrated by Jason de Cairns Taylor - Internationally renowned life casting and marine artist, Jason de Cairns Taylor demonstrates his full body casting technique.

Complete Casting Kits with All Materials Needed - Begin your introduction to casting the human form using the ArtMolds EZ Cast Kits for hands, torsos, faces, and more.

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