Mask Making

Airbrushing with Cirius Latex Pigments

EnvironMolds offers high quality mask making supplies including the industry standard RD-407 Mask Making Latex. However, it also offers a more budget friendly mask-making rubber, EnvironMolds Premium Latex Casting Rubber. To make a latex mask you first should be careful about selecting the liquid latex you will use. You need a casting latex specifically formulated for mask making. You also need a sculpted model of the head you will use to create the mask from. Del Milano Plasticine Clay - Sulfur Free is an excellent choice for this purpose. Next you will require a casting plaster to create a two-part mold of the latex mask sculpt. We suggest using the specially formulated CastRite for all your masking making molds, as its controlled porosity assures even and faster drying for latex mask making. Of course, if you need plaster bandages for your shell or mother molds, EnvironMolds offers three varieties - all great choices.

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Creating the Full Head Mask
Step-by-step instructions from head modeling to final casting.
Latex Mask Painting Techniques
Best practices for painting and decorating latex masks.
Techniques of Lifecasting - Burman  VHS
We are regularly shooting videos. Check back here soon.

Associated Products

407 Mask Making Latex
Industry standard for superior detailed and tear-resistant latex mask making.
CastRite Casting Stone- a great gypsum based art casting stone for high detail casts
CastRite Art Stone
Excellent gypsum plaster formula for latex casting. Better detail than plaster of Paris.
Cirius Silicone Paint and Dye
Latex Paint System
Cirius brand latex paints insure non-cracking for latex all surfaces.

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