CastRite Art Casting Stone

CastRite is a fine arts casting stone that holds great detail, is not chalky and resists chipping and cracking.
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CastRite Art Casting Stone

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CastRite is a gypsum-based plaster of Paris that has been especially heat treated for fine art casting to create very hard casts that unlike generic plaster of Paris, holds great detail, is not chalky and resists chipping and cracking. Similar formulas are used in making lamp bases and durable castings and are therefore an excellent choice for art castings of all types. Like other plasters and gypsum products, CastRite cannot be applied directly to the skin as it is the chemical reaction during setting that will create heat that is hot enough to cause burns. Use CastRite only to cast into MoldGel, FiberGel and Hollywood Impression alginate, ArtMolds’ plaster bandages, ArtMolds’ resins or silicone molds. CastRite is most often used the making of casts after the mold has been created. However, CastRite may also be used for shell mold to create latex slip castings and backup flexible molds. When used as a mold the addition of nylon of fiberglass fiber will add strength.

FEATURES: • High definition • Does not chalk • Durable – resists chipping • Holds finishes well • Natural bright white finish • Minimum air bubbles at proper mix ratios explains how to create a mold using only CastRite. Click here to learn the easy steps.

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