Cirius Latex Pigments

Cirius Latex Pigments for coloring liquid latex and use in painting latex appliances.
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Cirius Latex Pigment - 5-Color Kit
Cirius Latex Pigment - Black 2-OZ.
Cirius Latex Pigment - Yellow 2-OZ.
Cirius Latex Pigment - Green 2-OZ.
Cirius Latex Pigment - Blue 2-OZ.
Cirius Latex Pigment - Red 2-OZ.
Cirius Latex Pigment - Black 4-OZ.
Cirius Latex Pigment - Yellow 4-OZ.
Cirius Latex Pigment - Green 4-OZ.
Cirius Latex Pigment - Blue 4-OZ.
Cirius Latex Pigment - Red 4-OZ.

Cirius Latex Pigments from ArtMolds for coloring all liquid latex.

Five Available Colors. 5-colors are available. Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Black both in 2 and 4-ounce sizes. Combined with liquid latex such as RD-407 or Kreetex as dye before curing, or mixed in with liquid latex to create a surface paint, Cirius Latex Pigments may be applied to all cured latex surfaces.

To use, add a little of the pigment at a time to liquid latex to achieve the desired color value. Cirius Latex Pigments are highly concentrated  so only a few drops are needed. We suggest adding just a few drops or at the most, a teaspoonful at time for larger quantities of liquid latex.

Whether painting or airbrushing, combine Cirius Latex Pigments to liquid latex to create a paint-able application for cured latex surfaces. This surface application will not crack when a latex surface is flexed as will acyclic paints. Simply use the liquid latex as the paint base and add the pigments and mix together. You can paint on the cured latex surface with the resulting color mixture as you would any other paint.

Use For AirBrushing, Too. If needed, you may dilute with a bit of distilled water if for a thinner mixture required for an airbrush. For airbrushing, adding up to a 20-percent thinner or distilled water is usually a good ratio. But first strain the paint before placing in the airbrush tank. Use a small mesh screen or even a cheesecloth screen to strain the paint as lumps can ruin the brush.

Combine primary colors to achieve creative the color pallet you desire.

Studio Tip: To preserve the life of your brush always place it in a container of water when not in use

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