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Hand Casting Step 10

Figure 10


The kitchen whisk is again used to mix the CastRite.

Hand Casting Step 11

Figure 11


Once the mixture is smooth and lump free, slowly pour the CastRite into the mold. In this case, we completely filled the container so as to create a base for our artwork.

Hand Casting Step 12

Figure 12


The mold is completely filled to the top.

Hand Casting Step 13

Figure 13


Now that the mold has been filled, rap the sides for several minutes to remove the large air bubbles. You will see bubbles coming to the surface. Once the bubbles stop you can stop rapping.

Hand Casting Step 14

Figure 14


As a result of the rapping, air bubbles have made it to the surface. You can pop them so that the surface is smoother.

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