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Hand Casting Step 15

Figure 15


After about an hour and a half your casting should be set enough to demold. Complete setting takes about 24-48 hours. Remove the plastic molding container and carefully place its contents upside down to drain any excess water from the mold.

Hand Casting Step 16

Figure 16


Very carefully tear away at the gelled alginate to expose your new casting. The casting is not yet completely cured, and you can damage it if not careful. Fingers are easily broken at this stage. But with a little Super Glue, they are easily fixed. De-molding now makes clean up easier.

Hand Casting Step 17

Figure 17


Once the piece has been de-molded it will require some clean up. An old tooth brush and a sharp pointed object make the job easier.


Hand Casting Step 18

Figure 18


After clean up, the finished piece is proudly displayed. After about 48-hours the piece should be sealed with clear or a matte polyurethane sealer. You can also choose to paint it if you wish. 

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