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Figure 6


Once you have created a smooth alginate mix, the hand is inserted into the conatiner holding the PC mouse. A helper steadies the hand so that it stays in the middle while the MoldGel sets. This process takes 4-5 minutes.

Figure 7


The helper raps on the outside of the container for several minutes helping trapped air escape to the surface.

Figure 8


After the MoldGel has set to a rubber-like consistency,  the model wriggles their fingers to break the suction of the MoldGel against the skin. Releasing the mouse, and with a slow upward pressure the hand is removed.


Figure 8


The next step is to mix the CastRite casting plaster according to label directions. A whisk is used for this procedure as well. Though gloved hands work just as well. The mixture is ready when it reaches the consistency of yogurt.

Figure 9


This picture shows the CastRite sitting on top of the water. When this phenomenon occurs, you have added enough plaster to the water. 


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