Alginates - Uses of Alginates, Alginic acid, Seaweed (algae)

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Alginates have many beneficial uses across a wide variety of industries. Alginates are salts of alginic acid taking the form of sodium, calcium and/or ammonium alginate precipitated from brown seaweed (algae).The global alginates and derivatives market is projected to reach a value of $409.2 million by 2019 growing at a CAGR of 3.8% from 2014 to 2019. The alginates and derivatives market is driven by growing demand for convenience foods, dairy, and meat products in the food & beverage industry. Medicinal properties of alginates, which are used to heal wounds and cure infections and other ailments, are driving the alginates market in most developing regions.

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Medical & Clinical

Alginate is used for a wide array of medical applications as it is hypoallergenic

  • Dental Impression Molds
  • Prosthetic Impression
  • wound and burn dressings
  • Chelator to remove heavy metals from blood
  • Use as scaffold and myocardial implantation
  • Local delivery of gene therapy

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Used in cosmetics as a thickener and moisture retainer.

  • Health food supplements
  • Used as an antacid and heartburn reducer
  • An effective in treatment of gastroesophageal reflux 
  • Weight loss supplement

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 Food & Beverages

A thickening agent, gelling agent, emulsifier, stabilizer, texture-improver

  • Binder and thickening agent for pet-food, fish feed
  • Thickener for sauces
  • Softening agent for breads
  • Pie fillings and icing
  • Thickening agent for ice cream and yogurt
  • Processed fruits
  • As a binder in processed meats
  • Foam stabilization of beer

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Arts & Crafts 

Used for skin-safe molds for body and wildlife casting in art pieces and special effects

  • Taxidermy Molds
  • Special Effects (EFX)
  • Body cast for fine arts
  • Body casting crafts
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Industrial & Technical

Alginates act as thickening agents, texturants and binding agents and hence are widely employed in the industrial textile sector.

  • Textile- substrate of color paste when applying patterns to print fabrics
  • Welding rods, as a binder of flux
  • Paint and dye thickener
  • Fertilizers
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Printing
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Leisure Industry

  • Facials and Spa Treatments
  • Face masks
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How Alginate is Made

  • The Story of Alginate
  • Harvesting Brown Seaweed
  • Alginate Processing
  • Two Manufacturing Processes


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