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Great Technical Help

Technical Help

Welcome to the EnvironMolds Technical Section where we strive to make it easy to understand and practice the art of mold making and casting even if you are a complete beginner. The links listed below are designed to help answer your questions. Of course our team is always available to answer your phone calls if you cannot find the answers below: Toll Free within the U.S.A 1-866-278-6653 or 1-908-283-5401.



Life Casting 


Reborning or Rebirthing

  Why is my alginate mix so lumpy?     Making life casting molds        What is reborning?
  What is alginate made from?     Making a hand casting        
  How is alginate made?     Hand casting examples       
  Which alginates should I use?     I making a face casting       
  How do I extend alginate set time?     Making a front torso casting       
  How do I mix alginate?     Front torso casts examples      
  What is FiberGel?     Casting Illusionist David Blaine      
        How do I cast a full head?      



Mask Making



   Which casting product should use?      Mask making overview video     Polyester vs. polyurethane resin?
   Shrink or enlarge a casting?      How to make a latex mask?     Pressure Pot vs Vacuum Chamber for De-airing  
   What is cold casting?      How do I paint a latex mask?      



Mold Making



  What types of clays are there?     Mold Making Basics     What is kinetic sculpture?   
  What is Plastilina clay?     What materials should I use?      
        How do I make a block mold?      
        How do I make a multi part block mold?      
        How do I make a glove mold?      
        How do I make a blanket mold?      
        How do I make a two part blanket mold?      
        How do I make an injection mold?      
        Making secondary molds       
        What is Shore Hardness mean?      






Silicone Rubber

  How is pecan shell flour used?           Why choose silicone rubber?
  Applying cotton for mold binding           Introduction into Silicone Mold Rubber
              Condensation vs. Addition cure 
              How do I make silicone molds? 
              Pressure Pot vs Vacuum Chamber for De-airing 

Latex Mold Rubbers


Studio Equipment & Safety

  How to make a simple latex mold           Pressure Pot vs Vacuum Chamber Differences
  Can I use liquid latex for other artwork?           The Health Hazards of VOC Solvents