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Casting Kits offer a unique way to preserve the memory of that special person or a family group with life-size casts of hands, feet, heads, torsos and other poses. Such finished casts are living memorials that will last many generations. Specialized kits for babies, pregnancy, hands, feet, torso, faces and heads offer the opportunity to preserve a moment in time with a detailed cast of everything from pregnant bellies to newborn baby’s feet.

Such casting kits are an excellent way to create multigenerational casts that can feature the hands of a grandparent, parent, and child They are also a wonderful method for creating the casting of loved ones at hospices and long-term care facilities especially for Alzheimer’s patients and their families.

A manufacturer designs its casting kit to contain the basic materials and instructions required to produce a complete cast. But the ArtMolds EZ Cast Kit brand of casting kit goes beyond the basics, in that most of its kits even provide the mixing containers, drop clothes and rubber gloves for the convenience of the user. While the more budget-priced kits, which simply contain the basic mold making and casting ingredients may lack the more commonly available items to keep its prices lower.

The vast majority of kits provide a molding making powder and a casting powder. The mold making powder is formulated from seaweed making it safe to use against skin even for the youngest infant. It is known as alginate, similar to what the dentist uses to create the impression of teeth. When the powder is mixed with water it becomes the consistency of yogurt and quickly cures into a soft gel-like substance.

The casting material is made from gypsum. Each kit manufacturer may use a different type, but the majority use plaster of Paris. Though this casting material provides for a detailed cast, the harder the casting gypsum, the more detail can be obtained. Hydrocal being one of the best casting materials, but due to its expense, most kit makers use the less expensive plaster of Paris. ArtMolds brand kits use a mixture of Hydrocal to gain the maximum detail and long-term preservation of the casting. Because plaster of Paris tends to be chalky and hygroscopic , meaning it attracts moisture, the completed cast should be sealed with a coat of clear polyurethane or varnish to protect it from moisture. But no kit is perfect, as they all depend upon the user’s skill with working with new materials and juggling the curing times of the molding and casting materials . . and reading directions.

Because of this, you should make certain that you check the manufacture’s guarantee before you buy, in case the mold or casting doesn’t provide the results you are looking for. All of the ArtMolds EZ Cast Kits are unequivocally guaranteed. If for any reason the user is not satisfied, either the purchase price will be fully refunded or the kit will be replaced – it is the purchaser’s choice.

A casting kit is a perfect way to preserve those loving memories for the long-term. It also makes a wonderful gift for those celebrating special events such as birthdays, engagements, communions, baptisms, bar mitzvahs, weddings and so on.

So jump in and give life casting a try. You will be surprised at how easy a casting kit makes it and you be thrilled with the results.

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