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Best Vacuum Chamber


ArtMolds is the best vacuum chamber for quickly degassing silicones, urethanes and expoxies to eliminate air bubbles. It is substantialy built to last, resisting dings and dents unlike those thin, flimsy aluminum "Cooking Pot" conversions. Contact us now for information or to place your order! Call Now
Best Vacuum Chamber

The Best Vacuum Chamber for Your Money


The ArtMolds vacuum chamber has been engineered to be the best vacuum chamber for its price category. Every mold making studio requires a vacuum chamber to assure bubble-free mold rubbers when mixing silicone, urethane or epoxy. So with ArtMold’s low price and highest quality you can’t go wrong. It has been independently tested and named the best vacuum chamber (see link on right) and it is the perfect addition to the small studio, school, university or prototype lab. The ArtMolds' Best Vacuum Chamber has been engineered for fast and easy degassing (eliminating air bubbles) of mold making and casting rubbers. Though the price point of the vacuum chamber may be low, its design does not skip on professional grade quality -- and safety – Compare it to those thin aluminum “Lobster Pot” chambers, and you can readily tell why ArtMolds calls theirs the best vacuum chamber because it was built to last a lifetime and it resists, dents and dings so common when using those metal cooking pots conversions. Another reason it is called the best vacuum chamber is that it comes complete with all the hardware easily assembled with an adjustable wrench. The optically clear acrylic top and bottom is unobstructed with valves and gauges that make it difficult to see into competitive vacuum chambers.All you need is a vacuum pump for your new affordable vacuum chamber that will pull 29-inches of mercury (Hg) at sea level, needed to degass your materials.

The ArtMolds Best Vacuum Chamber

The Best Vacuum Chamber Specifications:


Capacity:                  4-gallon best vacuum chamber (approximately)

Dimensions:            10-inch diameter by 10-inch tall

Maximum Pull:       29-inches of mercury (Hg) at sea level

                                24-Hg at elevation of Denver, CO

Weight:                   20-pounds / Shipping weight 22-pounds

Package Size:          12" x 12' x 12"

Vacuuming Process using the ArtMolds' Best Vacuum Chamber:

Mix your rubber according to the manufacturers directions. Use a container that holds at least four times the amount of material you are vacuuming to allow for the expansion of the material. Once your vacuum chamber reaches 29-inches of mercury (at sea level), the material will begin to rise (resembling foam) for a minute or two. When the material falls it will plateau and not rise any more. You will want to continue opertaing the vacuum chamber for another 2-3-minutes to make certain all of the air has been removed from your material. Open the petcock of your vacuum chamber to allow air inside, remove your material from the vacuum chamber. Pour the material slowly starting from the corner of the mold box, or mold, letting the material to flow freely into the box or mold cavity. This method will usually not introduce any new bubbles into the vacuumed material. To insure that the material is totally devoid of air bubbles you can place the entire mold/mold box into the chamber for an additional few minutes. This will assist the material into difficult areas of the mold/mold box. Order now click this link for the best vacuum chamber.

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