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Affordable Pressure Pot

This low price, high quailty pressure pot is all you need to quickly de-air your hard-cured resins, epoxies and gypsum plasters. It includes everything including a pressure guage. All you need to do is to attach your compressor. Contact us now for information or to place your order!

Affordable Pressure Pot

The ArtMolds' Affordable Pot


Using a pressure pot is the most efficient way to remove bubbles from hard cured material such as, gypsums, resins and epoxies. Pressuring doesn't remove trapped air, but it compresses the trapped air so small that bubbles are microscopic in size and thus considered to be removed from your molding or casting materials.

 Air bubbles are the bane of all mold makers as they weaken mold making and casting materials. In transparent acrylics and resin it is imperative that all air bubbles be removed as they are cosmetically unsightly and will diminish the quality of the finished product. EnvironMolds offers the inexpensive yet sturdy ArtMolds Pressure Pot (Chamber) to assure a bubble-free material mixing hard cure, gypsum plasters and resins epoxies. The pressure chamber accommodates larger molds for more versatility.

Using the pressure pot is fairly straight forward the pressure diaphragm, and vacuum gauge and you are ready to go. All you need is a compressor to supply 50-60 PSI to your pressure pot. Attach the compressor house to the air inlet. Open the pressure pot by untightening the four lid clamps. Place your mold inside containing the casting material and retightening the lid clamp to make certain your pressure pot is air tight. Flip the switch to the compressor to one and let the pressure build in the pressure pot to between 50-60 psi. You can tell by watching the pressure gauge on the pressure chamber.

Once the pressure is reached you can turn off the compressor. Allow the pressure pot to maintain pressure (you may need to turn the compressor back on a few times to do so). Allow your material to completely cure before you release the pressure and remove the lid. When you do you will have a bubble-free casting just as the professionals do.

Affordable Pressure Pot Specifications:


Capacity:                          2.5-gallons affordable pressure pot (approximately)

Dimensions:                     8.75-inches diameter by 11.5-inch tall

Maximum Pressure:       50-PSI                       

Weight:                            10-pounds / Shipping weight 12-pounds

Gasket Material:             Polysulfide

Package Size:                  12" x 12' x 12"

The Pressure Process:

Casting under pressure is the best way to make high quality resin castings. This is especially true with difficult recesses and complex molds. Pressure casting compress air to sizes undetected by the human, creating a virtually ?bubbleless? casting.
Simply cast your part in your mold and then insert your mold into the pressure pot. Secure the lid tightly, and then turn on your air supply to fill the pot to 30-40 PSI. (DO NOT EXCEED 50 PSI). Leave the pressure pot on until the casting has cured. Then remove the air source and release the air from the pot. Unfasten the lid and remove your mold from the pot. Demold your void free casting.
Note: You will want to make certain you do not pressure cast your silicone mold while curing You must use your vacuum chamber to remove all air from the mold rubber to avoid having the mold collapse in areas of your mold that have air trapped under the surface. You will have the appearance of warts on the surface of the finished result if you do not.
Summary: Mix your material in accordance with the directions and pour it into your mold. Place the mold in the pressure pot. Place the lid on the pressure pot and locate the (4) locking slots on the cover lining them up with the (4) swing up bolts on the tank. Place the (4) swing bolts into the slots in the cover and secure the (4) hand nuts tightly on the cover. Make certain the nuts are secured tightly before pressurizing the tank. Order now click this link for the affordable pressure pot .

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