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Silicone Rubbers

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EnvironMolds offers a great selection of high quality silicone mold rubbers. The silicone rubber materials enable you to easily make your own silicone molds from our mold making silicone rubber. We offer a silicone rubber mold making material for almost any application. Please read about the families of silcone rubber here so you can shoose the correct product. Our standard silicone mold rubber is MoldRite 25 good for most general silicone mold making for traditional silicone molds. We also offer a translucent silicone mold rubber called SkinRite 10 which can be tinted and used for special effects and applications to duplicate skin surfaces. This soft translucent rubber is perfect for realistic mask making as well as dolls. Then there is LifeRite, a silicone rubber safe to use on the skin in life casting and duplicating body parts. However, we also offer a food safe FDA approved silicone mold making rubber called, BakeSil, for food molds and baking containers. For faster acting silicone mold making we suggest using our 5-Minute Mold Putty. There are two families of silicones; 1) condensation cure  and 2) addition cure. To understand the difference click here.