Food Safe Silicone -- BakeSil FDA Approved

Food Safe Silicone -- BakeSil FDA Approved


BakeSil™ is a food safe siliconw which is platinum cured 2-part RTV designed for mold making where FDA approval for food contact is desired or required.
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CAUTION: NOT ALL silicones claiming to be food safe are FDA approved. If you need certainty then BakeSil should be your choice.

BakeSil™ is designed for mold making where FDA approval for food contact is desired or required. It is approved for repeated food contact, such as making candy or ice sculptures, but is not approved for medicinal purposes or for use inside the human body. BakeSil is a platinum-catalyzed, addition reaction, flexible silicone with excellent tear resistance and tensile strength.

BakeSil is mixed 100 parts of Base to 10 parts of Activator by weight. Deviations from this ratio will cause changes in the physical properties. Choose a container with a volume that is four times greater than that of the rubber. Weigh the components accurately and mix thoroughly. Since there is no color, mix very carefully, scraping the sides and bottom of the container to insure that there is no unmixed portion. Place the container in a vacuum chamber and deaerate at 28 inches of mercury vacuum until the mass of rubber rises and then collapses. Remove the mixed rubber and carefully pour over a well released master.

IMPORTANT NOTE: BakeSil may have its cure inhibited at the interface between the mold and the master. Masters containing sulfur, amines or tin compounds (including parts that have come in contact with tin catalyzed silicone rubbers such as MoldRite™ and SkinRite™ may show cure inhibition at the face of the mold. This can usually be prevented by thoroughly cleaning the model with naphtha or methylene chloride, releasing and checking the area by brushing on a small amount of catalyzed BakeSil rubber. After 24 hours this film must be cured and non-tacky. In the event that the contamination still exists, the model should be cleaned again and a thin film of acrylic or nitrocellulose lacquer base coat should be applied. This should serve as a barrier coat and allow a completely cured mold to be prepared.
A test should always be run as outlined above to confirm compatibility.

Color, Base white
Color, Activator clear
Specific gravity 1.12
Viscosity, mixed: 75,000 ± 15,000 cps
Working time: 1.5 to 2.5 hours
Cure Time: 16 to 18 hours
Hardness: 37±4 Shore A
Tensile strength: 850±50 psi
% Elongation 350 ±25
Tear strength:110±15 ppi
%Shrinkage: <0.15

The information contained in this product information sheet is based on sources believed to be accurate. It is offered in good faith, but without guarantee since the conditions of use are beyond our control. All risks of use are assumed by the user.

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