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ArtMolds Journal

ArtMolds Journal - The Artists Magazine, is a digital and print publication on artist materials and technique, bringing you the news of mold making, casting arts, life casting, stone carving, ceramics and special effects. You can view the magazine electronically just as you would a hard copy and page through it by selecting "read online." You can also purchase a hard copy for your library and reference if you wish by selecting "print copy."


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Jan-Feb 2013 ArtMolds Journal


Issue 4     January / February 2014

Andy Scott's 100 foot Kelpies

Life Once Removed-Maniquinn Family

Kazuhiro's American Enlightenment

Constructing Armatures

Creating Prosthetics with Alginate

Art, Science and Medicine

Moldmaking and Casting Part II


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ArtMolds Journal Mar-Apr 2014

 Issue 5     March / April 2014

Movie Magic of Mathew Mungle

Sculptor Savant Alonzo Clemons

Great Artist's Retreats Make Grear Art

Manufacturing of High Quality Stone Carving Tools

Chavant and Plasteline Clay

Acquiring a Pressure Chamber


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ArtMolds Journal June-July 2013

 Issue 1 June / July 2013

Amazing Under Water Lifecastings

If It Acts Like a Duck . . .

Getting Started With Sand Casting

Making Monster Movie Masks

AND Much more, too.


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Aug-Sep Cover ArtMolds Journal


Issue 2 August / September 2013

The Hyper-Realistic Art of Jamie Salmon

Wearable Sculpture

Life Casters' Love Story

My Clay Mania

Preventing Bubbles in Fingertips of Hand Castings

History of Sculpture Tools


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ArtMolds Journal Oct-Nov 2013 Cover


Issue 3 October / December 2013

The Grand Sculptor of Emotion

The Surprising Role of Color in Sculpture

The Evocative Figures of Kathy Venter

Life Casting Kiwi Style

Making Wire End Tools

Easily Duplicate Decorative Hardware


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The ARTMOLDS JOURNAL is both a digital and print magazine dedicated to artists’ technique and material specifically for life casting, mold making, cast arts, stone carving ceramics and special effects (EFX). The ARTMOLDS JOURNAL is publishes every two months and is available through subscription by email or through print at Hewlett Packard’s, specifically at the URL

Each issue contains a number of columns and piece on material and studio tricks as well as new from the Association of Lifecasters International (ALI) and guild of life casting artists of over 1200 members which is sponsoring the magazine.

Editorial support includes Ed McCormick, the publisher of ARTMOLDS JOURNAL, and CEO of EnvironMolds a manufacturer and distributor of mold making and casting materials. Its editor is Frank J. Fedel, MS, CES, educator, researcher and writer. Regular magazine contributors include  and Dave Parvin, a Denver author, teacher and sculptor.

The digital version of ARTMOLDSJOURNAL contains video snippets throughout its pages where they will help better explain or highlight an article.

Distribution of ARTMOLDS JOURNAL will include artists, schools, universities, art teachers, museums, foundries and art associations in the U.S. Canada and Europe.

ARTMOLDS JOURNAL will allows advertisers to reach a new niche market to help fill the void of the recent demise of the print only magazine, Sculpture Journal after the untimely passing of its publisher last year, Jon White. The ARTMOLDS JOURNAL will pick up where the old magazine left off and go where it could not using both digital and print media to reach an widely and more technical savvy reader The format can be read on all e-book readers as well as smart phones.

We hope you enjoy our new publication. We have created it for you, our reader, thus we solicit your comments, critique and suggestions so we can evolve ARTMOLDS JOURNAL into a world-class publication.

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