Cirius Urethane Resin Dyes
Polyurethane Resin Dye Color Chart

Cirius Urethane Resin Dye


Urethane Resin coloring dyes for urethanes and resins

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Cirius Resin Dyes are highly concentrated polyurethane (also known as urethane) dyes for use with all polyurethane resins such as KastEz, AquaClear, Por-A-Kast, EnvironMolds Casting Resin, Clear Casting Resin and Jewel-R-Rezin.

The best coloring effect can be achieved in clear polyurethane resins. However, Cirius Resin Dyes may be used to color opaque resins, too. In that case you must use an additional quantity of colorant to overcome the lighter inherent color of the opaque resin. Since opaque resins usually set with a white or ivory color, using small amounts of colorant will result in a pastel color. To overcome this, added colorant should be used to create the desired finished color.

Cirius Resin Dyes are especially formulated for:

  • Easy mixing
  • High color concentration
  • Color compatibility so each color be blended with the other
  • No odor or toxicity
  • No effect on pot life or demold time
  • No effect on final, cured plastic properties
  • No effect on subsequent decoration procedures (i.e. painting)

Available ColorsThe colors available are black, brown, blue, red, yellow, orange, green, and Caucasian.Naturally, your color will vary depending upon the amount of concentrate you use. Whether clear or opaque, add the dyes to the "A" side by weight up to 5% to achieve the color you desire a few drops at a time until you achieve the desire color value. Once set the resin can be painted as well.

Especially Useful in Jewelry MakingThe Cirius Urethane Dyes provide an excellent colorant for jewelery making when used with Jewel-R-Rezin. A number of color variants can be achieved by varying the mixing method. A thorough mix will provide a uniform color where as a mix of two or three strokes will result in a marbleized effect. Other effects are achieved by dipping a tooth pick in a color and drawing or swirling the tooth pick in the uncolored resin that has already been poured into a mold or bezel. Through experimentation and color combining you will achieve a variety fashion colors of unique results.

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