DIY Vacuum Chamber

DIY Vacuum Chamber


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You can save considerable money with studio equipment by assembling a low price DIY vacuum chamber kit. To assure bubble-free mold rubber when mixing polyurethane, epoxies and silicones, a vacuum chamber is required. The low cost ArtMolds' DIY vacuum chamber kit is the perfect addition to the small studio, school, university or prototype lab.

vacuum chamber
The ArtMolds' DIY Vacuum Chamber has been engineered for deairing (eliminating air bubbles) mold making and casting rubbers. Though the price point of our vacuum chamber may be low, its design does not skip on professional grade quality -- and safety - and it resists, dents and dings associated with those metal pots. This PVC vacuum chamber, along with ½-inch optically clear acrylic plates make a safe and efficient unit.


This affordable DIY vacuum chamber kit includes all machined brass fittings, including a pet cock exhaust valve, a plastic hose and hose barb to connect your vacuum pump, a vacuum gauge, a pair of matched rubber gaskets, and a set of ½-inch clear acrylic plates. It takes but a few minutes to assemble and all you need additionally is a vacuum pump for your new DIY vacuum chamber that will pull 29-inches of mercury (Hg) at sea level, needed to deair your materials.

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