A Very Corny New Sculpture Material

A Very Corny New Sculpture Material


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Sand Sculpture

Oozeq is a new modelling material that can be described as a starch putty (contains a corn starch base) that when mixed with sand, can by sculpted and air dried to a hard stone-like finish. It can be used like clay to create a sculpture or provide a fully water soluble yet rock hard bake-able armature for hollow polymer clay work. When mixed, (one part Oozeq, plus two parts sand) a pliable clay-like dough is created that feels a little like wet sand. But, unlike wet sand, this mixture sticks to itself and can be applied and formed with a palette knife; and it can be cleaned up using only water.

After drying the Oozeq binding the sand remains fully water soluble. Palette knives are used to mix sand into the Oozeq. Experiment by mixing sand of different colors or sizes to obtain various color shades and complex textures. After mixing, use the palette knife to apply the mix to a smooth surface like glass or cardboard. The mix may be moved around during modeling due to its long working time. As it begins to dry, it tends to become crumbly. After further drying it hardens to a stone-like consistency. Additional layers of Oozeq and sand can be built up for heavier work.

For hollow work, a structure of cardboard or other material may be built and the Oozeq and sand mix applied to the surface.

Mixing Oozeq and Sand

The actual process of mixing the Oozeq and sand is very similar to the preparation of cookie dough, icing, or various other baked goods or confections. Folding the sand into itself in a slow, steady manner is very effective and keeps the material very well contained. Folding in is also the preferred manner for adding and combining Oozeq with the sand. When combined correctly, the resulting mixture is slightly more cohesive than wet sand. That is to say, it is less crumbly than wet sand, and more like putty that sticks to itself.

Once Oozeq is mixed with sand it is ready to be applied to the work, not crumbly, and slightly moist. If the mix dries out, simply remix in the material again using the folding method and adding small amounts of fresh Oozeq to provide additional moisture.

Forming and Sculpting

There are two applications for which Oozeq are useful, as a sculptural work itself and as an armature for hollow polymer clay and precious metal clay work. As a sculptural work itself, Oozeq may be formed and sculpted as it holds a shape very well. Oozeq and sand will cleanly release from just about any mold or form, even molds or forms made using materials to which the Oozeq and sand would otherwise adhere. The ideal mold or form use includes a short contact time, and where possible, the use of materials that are metal or plastic and clean. Sharp detail is possible with fine grain sand or a combination of sands including fine grain sand.

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