Pigments That Appear After Dark – Will Keep Your Artwork Up All Night


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Glowing Pigments

Now your artwork can be admired 24 hours a day with colors that actually appear when the lights go out at night. Even if you are not an accomplished artist the possibilities are endless. For example, have your children create artwork that shines at night eliminating the need for a night light and creating a custom painted, happy feeling on your walls that you have turned into night time art galleries.

ELI-CHEM Resins of the United Kigdom, has launched a revolutionary step forward in pigments for artwork. Eli-Glow is the latest pioneering technology in creating stunning effects that come alive in the dark. These amazing pigments are available in fine crystal form for easy mixing into Clear Artwork Resins.

They are added to clear resin or sprinkled over the surface and sealed in place with a brush. By day the crystals absorb the ambient UV light and after dark they release energy in a long-lasting glow. This enables the artist to achieve two very different effects as the light changes. Unlike conventional pigments, Eli-Glow is not a primary light reflector, but is an actual source of light. The crystals absorb radiant energy from natural sunlight (or interior lighting) and convert it into longer wavelengths in the visible spectrum, thereby emitting it as light with the sensation of colors.

For now, the available colors are green and aquamarine blue, but more will follow soon. Just mix the crystals into clear epoxy resins (five to ten per cent by weight) and pour over the surface to achieve a glow across the artwork, or sprinkle in selected areas. By day it is invisible, by night it comes to life. Eli-Glow is non-toxic.

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