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Introducing the new ArtMolds Blog for dicussions on all things life casting, mold making casting, special effects and associated subjects. But most important of all is the introduction of our new magazine the ArtMolds Journal. The ArtMolds Journal is both a digital and print magazine covering the artists' subjects of technique and materials, specifically for life casting, mold making, casting arts, special effects (EFX), ceramics and stone carving. The ArtMolds Journal will be published every two months.

ArtMolds Journal June-July 2013 Cover  


Issue 1     June / July 2013

  • Amazing Under Water Lifecastings
  • If It Acts Like a Duck . . .
  • Getting Started With Sand Casting
  • Making Monster Movie Masks
  • AND Much more, too.

We look forward to your comments and suggestions on how we can improve our magazine and make it more helpful to you.

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