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Life Casting and Bodycasting

Life Casting and Bodycasting

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Lifecasting is an exciting artistic pursuit. But to create artistic quality body casts you need the best life casting products for a safe environment for your model. EnvironMolds' life casting products offers the user many options for skin-safe products such as body-casting safe alginates or silicones. We strive only to offer environmentally and user-friendly life casting products whether its alginate, silicone, plaster bandages or accessory tools and studio equipment.  You can be sure you that the life casting experience for you and your model will be a good one.

As you become more skilled at the art of life casting you might want to consider  a part time or even a full time business creating memorable lifecasting for others. To assist you in this regard we have devoted an entire section of this website to helping you enter the lifecasting business. Please click here.

There are a number of lifecasting schools of technique, however. Some artist use only plaster bandages to create form without a great amount of detail. this is often the case with pregnancy or belly castings. So it is important to select quality plaster bandages that are creamy when wetted out so that they do not delaminate. Our POP Art banages is a good choice for bandage only life casting work.

Alginate reinforced with plaster bandages is a the choice of many lifecasters. We offer a silica free and a traditional alginate formula, plus a tear resistant alginate called, 'FiberGel' This method only allows the lifecastig artist one cast as the mold is destroyed while the finished cast is removed from it.

There is a third lifecasting method using silicone. EnvironMolds LifeRie silicone is the right choice when you need to make multiple casting. You still will require plaster bandages to reinforce the mold.

If you need assistance in product selection, please call us at 1-866-278-6654. We are always glad to help. We have been lifecasting artists for over 25 years and can assist you in selecting the right bodycasting products or advise you on tried and true lifecasting techniques.

In the meantime, see some great  bodycasting examples of front torso life casts by clicking here.