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Terra Alba

Terra Alba, is a dihydrate form of calcium sulfate used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications
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Terra Alba
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Terra Alba

USG Terra Alba Food & Pharmaceutical is produced by calcining and milling high-purity, white gypsum to create a food and pharmaceutical grade form of calcium sulfate. Containing 23% calcium, the highly refined, neutral pH filler contains approximately 20% water of crystallization. USG Terra Alba Food & Pharmaceutical is FDA approved and meets Food Chemicals Codex and National Formulary standards and assists the following applications:

  • Brewing - Provides a smoother tasting beer, while improving shelf life and stability.
  • Commercial Baking - Supplies calcium to enriched flour, cereals, baking powder, yeast, bread conditioners and cake icing.
  • Packaged Foods - Incorporated as a thickening agent in canned vegetables and artificially sweetened jellies and preserves.
  • Pharmaceutical – Used as a diluent and serves as a dietary calcium supplement. 
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