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EnvironMolds offers an extensive line of affordable mold making and casting equipment to perfect your molds and castings. For bubble free molds and casting please consider your three options, 1) vibrating tables, 2) pressure pots; and 3) vacuum chambers.

A vibrating table lowers the coefficient of friction allowing air bubbles to rise to the surface.. Though not perfect, it provides a significant improvement over simply pouring in your material and waiting for it to set.

There is often confusion in choosing the later two methods - vacuum chambers and pressure pots. You would use a pressure chamber (pot) if your mold or casting material sets to a rigid non-flexible form. That is because a pressure chamber squeezes air bubbles to microscopic sizes, but  as soon as the rubber leaves the pressurized vessel, the air bubbles will regain their original size because the material that it contains it is stretchable.

Therefore, only a vacuum chamber should be used to eliminate air bubbles in rubbers.