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Studio Accessories

Studio Accessories

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EnvironMolds offers an excellent selection of labor saving tools, mold making equipment and consumables for your studio. The supplies category offers consumable items such as gloves, masks, mixing containers and the like. Whereas, tools, lists mixers, rasps, calipers, modeling tables, mold knives and key cutting knives. The equipment category contains, vacuum chambers, vacuum pumps, pressure pots, scales, vibrating tables and other similar products to assist you in perfecting your molds and castings. All well equiped studios include a vacuum chamber and pressure pot for deairing rubber and casting resins to eliminate air bubbles. ArtMolds features on the best values for vacuum chambers, vacuum pumps as well as pressure pots. Be certain to check them out. If your budget is tight consider one of several vibrating tables in lieu of a vacuum chamber. Vibrating your mold rubbers or casting resins lowers the coefficient of friction allowing to rise to the top. Vibration is not effective as a vacuum chamber of pressure pot, but is far more effective than no vibration (and less expensive) at all.

Welcome to EnvironMolds’ Studio Accessories

Here you will find our suggestions of studio accessories for the well-equipped studio. These recommendations are made to save you time as well as to increase the quality of your mold making and casting. We offer a broad selection of quality brand products that are not only reliable, but are manufactured to last for many years. In addition to our product recommendations listed here you will find videos and pdf files that you can download with explanations of how to use these important studio accessories

Mold Making Equipment

The mold making equipment category is really the meat of our studio accessories. In this section you will find those important items to create professional bubble-free molds and casting. These in include vacuum chamber, vacuum pumps as well as pressure pots, also known as pressure chambers. For those artists that do not know the difference between a vacuum chamber and pressure pot, strongly suggest you read mold about the differences by clicking on the link as each has a different application. You don’t want to make a purchase unless you know the differences. If you are on a more limited budget, and you wish to minimize the effects of air-bubbles in you work, we suggest the use of a vibrating table. Though vibration doesn’t completely remove all air bubbles, it can significantly reduce them, saving you about half or more over the price of a vacuum chamber or pressure pot. You will also find gram scales, turn tables and other time saving pieces of equipment. However, we can’t recommend enough the plaster trap that can be fixed to the drain under your studio or workshop sink to collect materials such as plaster and prevent a costly plumbing stoppage. It is low priced (less than a plumber’s service call) and easy to install.

Mold making Tools

This section offers the most useful mold making tools you can find for your mold making and casting studio. The handiest two tools are the mold makers’ knife and the mold makers’ key knife for which no mold making studio should be without. You will also find a range of plaster tools including plaster rasps, and chisels as well a clay modeling tools, calipers and clay modeling stands, syringes and mixers.

Mold Making Supplies

Not to be confused with mold making materials, EnvironMolds offers those mold making supplies that are not readily available and are used in conjunction with mold making and casting. These mold making supplies include vinyl gloves, various mixing containers and the all-important chip brushes for applying mold making and casting materials. In addition, this section is where you will find the replacement containers for plaster traps which are used on your studio sink to prevent plaster and other materials from finding their way down the drain with the potential and costly hazard for stopping up your plumbing systems

If you have any difficulty locating a product on this website; please contact us and we will help you locate what you need for your studio accessories.


 Mold Making and Casting Equipment Line  Mold Making and Casting Suppies Line  Mold Making and Casting Tools
 General Purpose Vibrating Table  Latex Gloves - Disposable   Stainless Steel Spatulas
 Chip Brushes  Jiffy Mixers
 Vacuum Chamber  Multi-mix Container 1-Pint  Imported Steel Rasps
 Vacuum Chamber with Pump  Multi-mix Container 1-Quart  Plaster Rasps
 Vacuum Pump - Robinair 6 CFM  Multi-mix Container 2.5-Quart  Sculptor's Aluminum Calipers
 Compressed Air Vacuum Pump  Multi-mix Container 5-Quart  Proportional Calipers 
 Pressure Pot for Resin Casting    Mold Maker's Knife
 Digital Gram Scale    Mold Making Key Knife
 RotoKinetic Vacuum Chambers    Plaster Carving Chisel
 ArtMolds Vacuum Gauge    Table Top Modeling Stand
 Gaskets for ArtMolds Vacuum    College Modeling Stand
 Gleco Plaster Trap    Norska Modeling Stand
 8-inch Round Turntable    
 Flat Turntable    
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