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Product Applications Chart

Use this chart to find the correct ArtMolds brand product for your application

Alginate & Moulage

Skin-safe mold making impression material for life casting, taxidermy and waste-molds.

Art Supplies

Paints, dyes, body paint, body parts including eyes, name plates, display bases and makeup supplies.

Casting Kits

Choose from a variety of educational and family fun mold making and casting kits.

Clays & Waxes

A variety of ceramic, self and nondrying clays. Including carving and casting waxes.

Cold Casting Powders

Create realistic foundry-style castings with a wide variety of metal powders, plus stone and wood powders, too.

Instructional Books & Videos

Everything you wanted to know about mold making and casting from books and DVDs.

Life Casting Kits & Supplies

Kits include baby to adults, hands, faces, torsos and even an advanced full body kit.

Liquid Latex Rubber

Both premium and value-based latex rubbers for mold making, slush, dip casting and mask making.

Plasters & Plaster Bandages

Art casting plasters, plaster accelerators, and a variety fast-setting plaster bandages.

Polyurethane Casting Resins

An excellent selection of low-odor opaque and water clear casting resins.

Polyurethane Mold Rubbers

Economical and easy-to-use polyurethane mold making rubbers.

Release Agents

Mold release agents for every application including body hair.

Silicone Rubbers

Condensation and addition-cure (tin and platinum catalyst), skin-safe and food safe silicone rubbers.

Thermoset Rubbers

Ballistic gel blocks, head and torso as well as reusable hot melt mold making rubber.

Tools & Equipment

Sculpting and mold making tools, vibrating tables, pressure pots, vacuum chambers and vacuum pumps.

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