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Pecan Shell Powder

Pecan Shell Powder for cold casting, imitating wood and as a urethane filler. combine with AquaClear resin for a simulated mahogany or KastEZ resin for a simulated maple or oak finish.
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Pecan Shell Powder

Pecan shell flour is a light-weight filler for urethanes. It gives a woody look to the finished product. It is used to make resins lighter, thicker, more sandable, and to imitate wood. One of the best uses of pecan flour is for thickening epoxy resin when making fillets or filling wood.

The particles are tiny, and look somewhat like flour, only brown. A common use for this is as an epoxy thickening agent for use when rebuilding rotted or termite damaged wood. It can be used with epoxy, vinylester, polyester, or polyurethane resins.

Make certain your pecan flour is dry before using with urethanes as even slight moisture will cause your urethane to foam. To dry the pecan flour place on a tray in the oven and heat at 150-degrees F for 1-hour. CAUTION: Over heating may cause a fire so watch the drying carefully.

Read more about pecan shell flour here.

To download the step-by-step method of creating an excellent imitation wood casting click here.

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