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Two-Day Workshop. Below is a photo folio of our typical two day workshop which focuses on the art of mold making and casting. This comprehensive workshop teaches torso, hand and face casting. A variety of finishing techniques are explained as well as the use and application of mold making and casting materials. The student also learns how to use a vacuum chamber and pressure pot to create better molds and castings. The workshop is taught by artist and  ALI Certified instructor Ed McCormick who has conducted life casting workshops throughout the U.S. A. as well as Europe.
Ed McCormick, the instructor introduces the class in how to create an artistic  hand casting. Ed has the group assist him in doing a female torso casting of Dana, our young model. Megan volunteers to have her face cast while the class assists. The face will later be cast in KastEZ resin.
The workshop ends with the demolding and presentation of a ring of hands of all the participants. This is a close up of the cast ring of hands before trimming and finishing. The class displays there finished hand castings.
Megan's face cast after it has been given a faux finish. The workshop provides instruction for a number of finishes. The class portrait is taken before we say our goodbyes to our future life casting artists. Each student earns a certificate of completion, too. The raw torso cast is displayed un the wall before the finish is applied.

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