How To Use the Shopping Cart

If items don't show up in your cart

When adding items to your shopping cart, be sure to put a quantity in the quantity window, before clicking "Add to Cart". If this doesn't solve your problem, you could double check to see that cookies and javascript are enabled in the security and privacy setting of your web browser.

Item Listings

Item # - This is ArtMolds' identifying number for this specific product. 

Item Detail - Lists a short description of the product

Price and Subtotals

The price of your item, and subtotal based on quantity is displayed. If you ordered enough for a quantity break, it will be reflected here.

The merchandise subtotal does not yet include shipping & handling, tax, or promotional pricing offers, which will be reflected at checkout.

To continue shopping

Click the Continue Shopping button to return to the last product description page you viewed.

You can also return to product pages by clicking on the item numbers next to each item in the shopping cart. Or continue navigating the site using the Index bar or Search box at the top of the page.

Changing Quantities

Enter the new quantity you would like in the "Qty" window for each item you would like to change, then click the "UPDATE QTY" button at the bottom of the shopping cart.

Removing Items From Cart

Click "Remove Item" next to the price of the item you want to remove. Alternately, you can change the "Qty" box to zero and click "UPDATE QTY".

To remove all items from your cart, click the "EMPTY CART" button near the top of the shopping cart.

Completing Your Purchase

Purchase with Credit Card - use this option to continue with checkout if you will be using a credit card, debit card, or gift certificate.

Purchase with Paypal. Select this option to pay with our Paypal account

Purchase with Check or Money - use this option only if plan to mail a check or money order. You order will not ship until the check or money order clears

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