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The following information is intended as a guide for the submission of materials to be considered for publication in the ArtMolds Journal.

About the ArtMolds Journal magazine

The ArtMolds Journal magazine was created for life casting artists, mold makers, casting artists, special effects technicians, ceramicists and stone carvers, as well as enthusiasts, collectors and galleries. The magazine features artists of this genre as well as techniques and materials to encourage innovation and support of these mediums.

This industry specific periodical documents the high caliber of work and trends in life casting, mold making, casting, special effects, ceramics and stone carving not only support the artists but to better support these art forms in university art programs, and the general public. The ArtMolds Journal magazine is an English language published every two months, available in both digital and print, making it readily accessible to artists and other supporters of these genres across the globe.

Guidelines for who can write for the ArtMolds Journal
We welcome contributors who are three dimensional photo realist artists, special effect artists, mold makers, ceramicists and stone carvers in association with other major mediums as well as art critics, historians, collectors, publicists and specialists who have a topic of interest to the magazine reader. For the purposes of journalistic integrity we do ask that authors of reviews or analytical articles have no personal connection or professional partnership with the subject matter they are writing on.

Types of Content Accepted
Content in the ArtMolds Journal is 100% non-fiction that is either written from direct personal experience or is well researched with reference materials available upon request should it be applicable. A casual yet professional tone is preferred. Although we will consider any query that falls within the interest audience, and items that address and our working artists, the following list fulfills 95% of our content needs. First time writers should only query based on the following content:

Feature Articles Feature articles will directly reflect the theme of a particular issue. In general they will be editorial or researched articles that explore, in depth, a particular set of issues important to artists in general although direct correlation to our theme of life casting, mold making, casting, special effects, ceramics and stone carving is expected. These are generally assigned or solicited rather than gained through the submission process. But please inquire if you have a specific feature idea that matches an upcoming there.  (See the About section of the site for upcoming themes)

Material Articles These are in depth explorations of technical techniques and practices. Articles may come in the form of an editorial or researched article or a technique tutorial. Note that we do not want project tutorials. If submitting a technique tutorial it should be intermediate to advanced in skill level and include:

  • A materials and tools list
    - A short introduction about the author's development, experimentation, or expansion of the technique.
    - Step by step instructions that will allow a reader to follow along and reproduce the item shown. Explanations of basic processes should be skipped-you should assume readers already know the basics
    - Three examples of the technique applied in separate projects will need to be provided in pictorial form. For the purpose of showing the application of the technique the steps may include the development of a single project but at least two other examples of how the technique can be applied should be included for the article.
    - A closing paragraph with ideas of uses for the technique.
  • The New and Improved
    Testing and review of new products and tools or exploring new ways to use existing products. Tips and tricks for improving one's studio space or artistic processes are also included in this section. These articles should consider the average user or explain how an item or ideas use would differ between different types of art work and/or artists.

  •  Artist Spotlight
    Featuring one particularly accomplished artist. The article should be written in a conversational manner rather than Q&A but at least half of the piece should be the direct result of an artist interview. Submit an artist's name and link to their work for consideration. Authors here may have a personal or professional connection to the artist if they can write honestly and without overtly indulging personal sentiment.
  • In The Studio
    Focused on ways to work smarter, healthier, happier, and more efficiently in the space an artist spends so much time in. This section is about the personal and professional contacts an artist makes and how the event or program, or ones similar to it, can help the working or inspiring artist build a business, gain inspiration, or find opportunities to expand the work they do with and about polymer clay.

  • Payment/Compensation
    We typically pay $300 to $500 for features articles.

We buy all rights for articles.

How to pitch your story:

  1. Send a cover letter/query that details your story idea.
  2. Include slides or a CD of images (if applicable).
  3. Enclose photocopied clips of previous articles you've published and a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you'd like them to be returned to you. (Materials submitted without an SASE will not be returned.)
  4. Send the query to:

ArtMolds Journal

18 Bank Street / Suite 1

Summit, NJ 07901

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