EnvironMolds LLC Offers Largest Selection of Life and Body Casting Kits


June 22, 2018



Largest Selection of Life and Body Casting Kits

Originally produced in 1998, ArtMolds.com provides parents with a huge selection of life and body casting kits to make memorable keepsakes and gifts

Summit, NJ Capturing moments in time, special occasions and other life events is the purpose of life casting products. Designed to safely recreate special moments, such as a pregnancy, child’s small hands or something else, the kits available today provide the ability to “freeze” a moment in time.
Today, life casting kits are more popular than ever before, and a leading provider of these kits, EnvironMolds LLC, now offers the largest selection of kits and products available on the market today.

“We are proud to offer our customers the largest selection of lifecasting and body casting kits anywhere to make memorable and lasting memory keepsakes that make the perfect, unique gifts, as well as one-of-a-kind art pieces,” stated EnvironMolds LLC spokesperson Ed McCormick. “The kits offered are available for baby’s feet and hands, child hands, and adult hands. We also offer face casting, head casting, torso casting, pregnancy casting and even a full body casting kit.”

The lifecasting kits provided by EnvironMolds LLC are made of skin safe materials and work to create a three-dimensional image of the casted area of the body. The company has been creating and selling these kits since 1998 and continues to offer new products, better methods, and more affordable prices.
“We have made it easy for you to preserve memories and create unique gifts – all for an affordable price,” continued McCormick. “You can use our website to easily sort through our products and find the item you are searching for. We have casting products ranging from just over $10 to more than $600 based on what you are trying to do and what part of the body you wish to cast.”

Additional information about the products offered by EnvironMolds LLC can be found by visiting the company’s website.


Originally established in 1998, EnvironMolds LLC has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary of offering user safe and environmentally friendly casting and ArtMold products. These products are available for purchase online and at hobby stores all around the world. In addition to high-quality products, the company has also published a wide array of how-to articles, as well as videos, to help those purchasing the products learn how to use them properly and effectively. Dedicated to providing a superior customer experience, EnvironMolds LLC continues to release new products and options to continue enhancing the brand and offers.

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