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January 2, 2018





EvironMolds Introduces InPlais™ the Non-Slip Area Rug Backing Providing Fabric and Floor Safe Latex Layer


Summit, NJ: New Jersey-based mold-making and casting company EnvironMolds has introduced a new line of area rug backing, non-slip adhesive products. This line of products has been formulated specifically to promote safety in the home by addressing the issue of trips, slips, and falls among active seniors.


The InPlais™ Rug Non-Slip Adhesive – Preventing Falls In The Home


Falls are the leading cause of fatal injury, and the single most common cause of nonfatal hospital admissions in older adults. They result in more than 2.8 million injuries, over 800,000 hospitalizations, and 27,000 deaths each year. And even a single fall without injury can have a significant impact on quality of life.


Over 70% of falls occur in the home, and 45-50% of these falls are associated with an unstable or insecure carpet/rug. This is the problem that the InPlais™ rug adhesive has been designed to solve.


By providing a strong adhesive hold, InPlais™ prevents common issues with rugs and carpets that can lead to slips, trips, and falls – such as corners being turned up or the rug being unstable on a smooth wood or tile surface.


How InPlais™ Works to Protect from Falls


Unlike traditional rug backings, InPlais™ is a liquid-based product that can be applied on carpets and rugs of any shape, style, size, or type. And because it adheres directly to the rug or carpet in question, there is no risk of the adhesive coming off, or becoming misaligned.


InPlais™ comes in either a 16oz, 32oz, or 1-gallon container, and it’s created out of natural, non-skid latex. To apply, simply vacuum the surface of a rug to remove debris, and then brush the back of the rug or carpet with a thin coat of InPlais. Two coats may be used for a firmer non-slip surface. Once dry, InPlais is almost completely invisible.


InPlais™ can be used to coat rugs, runners, carpets, welcome mats, bathroom mats, and even slippers. No matter what surface it’s used on, it provides a safe, slip-free surface that protects from accidental slips and falls.


Rugs and textiles treated with InPlais™ are completely machine-washable, and won’t lose their non-slip finish. Not only that, InPlais™ can actually improve the durability of textiles by preventing fibers from loosening or unraveling.


InPlais™ Is Available Now from EnvironMolds


With plentiful applications, strong non-slip performance, and a natural, additive-free formula, InPlais™ promises to revolutionize the way that rugs and other textiles are treated with a non-slip finish. The product can be found at the EnvironMolds website,, and is coming to retail stores soon.


About EnvironMolds: EnvironMolds was founded in Summit, NJ in 1998. Since then, the company has been dedicated to creating mold-making and casting materials that are natural, safe, and environmentally-friendly. For more information, visit, or contact them via email at

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