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Mask Making 57

Figure 57

A heat gun is used to speed the drying of the face coat. As a precaution, a second brushed-on coat is best made on top of the first one and then allowed to dry.

Mask Making 58

Figure 58

The mold is carefully reassembled. The keys make it a simple process to align both halves correctly.

Mask Making  59

Figure 59

Mold straps are used to keep the mold tightly closed for slush casting.

Mask Making 60

Figure 60

Where the two halves meet, there will usually be a gap to fill. This is accomplished by brushing in mold liquid latex.

Mask Making 61

Figure 61

Cover the gap with two coats of latex allowing each coat to dry before applying the second. You can tape a paint stir stick to the handle of a paint brush to give you extra reach inside if needed. Give the ears and nose another good coat at this time.

Mask Making 62

Figure 62

Use a hair dryer or heat gun to make certain all brush coats are dry before the next step.

Mask Making 63

Figure 63

Fill the mold hallway with the liquid latex. Slosh it around to make certain it gets into all the nooks and crannies – especially the ears and nose areas

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