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Mask Making  29

Figure 29

Now attention is given to the front of the wall. A clay modeling tool is used to smooth out its surface.

Mask Making  30

Figure 30

A second key is created in the clay wall at the top of the head.

Mask Making  31

Figure 31

A third key is created opposite the first key. See the arrow.

Mask Making  32

Figure 32

Two more keys will be created and added by cutting three trapezoid shapes in clay.

Mask Making 33

Figure 33

One trapezoid key is applied on each side of front of the wall about halfway between the lower indented key and the top indented key.

Mask Making  34

Figure 34

Plaster is mixed for the front half of the plaster mold. The consistency of the plaster is similar to a thick milkshake.

Mask Making  35

Figure 35

The “face” coat (the coat that first touches the surface) is applied using a chip brush. This method eliminates air bubbles as a surface air is pushed aside by the brushing action.

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