Ordering By Mail

When ordering by mail, use one of the following forms:

  • Download our free printed catalog and use the order form inside.
  • your institution's purchase order.
  • print out your Shopping Cart from our online store.

On your order form, be sure to include all of the following:

1. Billing Information — the name and address of the party responsible for paying for the order. To avoid billing errors, always use the same individual or institution name that you have used on previous orders.

2. Shipping Information — if the delivery of the order is to another party.

3. Method of Payment. If you are paying by credit card, fill in your complete number, expiration date, and sign our name on the signature line. If you are using a gift certificate, please indicate the amount of the certificate on the order form and enclose the gift certificate with the order.

4. Items Ordered. For each item, please include:

  • the entire item number and title of the product
  • quantity
  • page number (if ordering from printed catalog)
  • size/color
  • unit price
  • total

For items ordered by the set, indicate the number of sets desired — not the number of items in the set.

Mail the completed order form to this address:
EnvironMolds, LLC
18 Bank Street / Suite 1
Summit, NJ 07901

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