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Latex Mold for Cement Casting 2

Figure 8

Figure 8 shows the entire layout of the key. It is a cross-shape consisting of two squares on each of its four legs.

Latex Mold for Cement Casting 2

Figure 9

We have created six sets of these cross-shaped squares and have cut them out following along the edges of the legs of the cross. Figure 9., show the last cross being cut out using a sharp Exacto knife.

Latex Mold for Cement Casting 2 width=

Figure 10


The next phase of the two-part mold construction is to create the parting plane. This is this surface where the two mold halves will be split. We begin by tracing the outline of the model on a piece of file folder cardboard.

Figure 11

When the shape of the model is traced we use a sharp Exacto knife to cut along the outline.

Latex Mold for Cement Casting 2

Figure 12

The parting plane is then fitted around the model and centered to split the model in identical halves. This step will require multiple trimmings before it will actually fit. Be patient in this important step to get the parting plane to fit perfectly around the model.





Figure 13

In Figure 13., we are placing small dots on the parting plane where we feel the keys should be spaced. If you look closely you can see the dots.

Latex Mold for Cement Casting 2

Figure 14

The parting plane is removed from the model. Where the dots are located, small squares, the size of the keys, are drawn and cut out of the parting plane.


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