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Here are a number of hand casting to inspire you and to give you an idea of all of the artistic options you have. Take particular note of how the artist posed his/her model and how he chose to finish it.

Like everything in life practice makes perfect and this is so with creating the painted and faux finishes you see here. Once you create a few hand castings and have mastered the molding and casting technique you will be able to work on your own finishing style. Many of the artists have chosen to faux finish or cold cast their sculpture. This adds visual interest. You are limited only by your imagination.

Don't be discouraged either. These are examples of some of the more experienced and commercial life casting artists. Their work represents many hours of trial and error. We suggest you pick an artistic style in the beginning then work on finding your own. Take risks in your poses and finishes just as these artists have done.


Lover's Hands
E.J. McCormick

Butler HandsCommunion
Roy W. Butler

Robert Bromley

Cold Cast Hands
Robert Bromely

Mark Harvard

The Banjo Picker
Mark Harvard

David Family

Dave's Children
E.J. McCormick



 Neon Hands Small
Neon Hands
Philip Hitchcock

White Hands 
           Four Generations 
            Dave Parvin

Poets Hands
  Poets' Clasped Hands
Harriet Hosmer

 Small Hand
The Artist's Hand
E. J. McCormick

Hands Groups 
E. J. McCormick

 Sung Hands White

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