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Videos Finishing and Effects
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Mastering Mold Making Part - 1 

This video is a complilaton of video clips from Part 1 of Mastering Mold Making showing how to create silicone blanket and block molds, using resin castings and produce beautiful faux finishes like a pro. Complete video available for $29.95 at

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               How to Make a Block Mold 

This is a short video on how to make block molds. In many instances you can use this surprisingly simple method in place of a complex or multi-part molds. This demonstration uses a small model (baby's hand). But block molds can be used on much larger models (maquettes ) as well..

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        Duplicate Hardware and To Easily Restore Antiques and Furniture 

This DYI videos demonstrates how to create both metal and wooden part easily using traditional cold casting methods. Duplicate in wood, porcelain, marble, brass, copper, bronze and many other materials.

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Casting Hands and Feet 

Sample clips from the DVD Casting Hands and Feet featuring life casting instructor David Parvin demonstrating body casting sculpture of baby hands, adult hands and a ballerina's foot. Complete DVD available for $29.95 at

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How To Create an Artistic Face Casting 

Sample clips of a DVD showing the method of life casting an artistic piece from the face castings of two 9-year old twins. Full video available for $29.95 at

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Casting the Female Torso 

Video clips from the DVD Casting the Female Torso. Artist and sculptor Dave Parvin, teaches how create an artistic casting from a nude model and a young clothed ballerina. Complete video available for $29.95 from

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         Body Casting Using LifeRite Silicone

A nude model is used to demonstrate how to use LifeRite the skin safe easy to use body casting silicone. LifeRite is available from and

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 Full Body Casting Demonstration 

Eco-sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor demonstrates his method of creating a full body mold in hix Mexican studio. Later he will cast his mold in concrete and add it to his 400plus life casts he has sunk to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico as a sculpture park and artifical reef. Read about his work in the ArtMolds Journal, Jun-July isuue.

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