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Culinary Mold Making

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Culinary Mold Making

Materials and instruction on creating food-safe molds for cooking and baking. Professional chefs, entrepreneurs, and multinational brands use our food-safe silicone mold making material to help give shape to their ideas. Whether it is mold making for pastry, savory or not food display molds the art of culinary mold making is an important ingredient in every chef or cook’s repertoire. Education in simple and multi-part silicone mold making instruction can be found throughout the EnvironMolds website pages.

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silicone food mold

Decorative Silicone Food Molds

Methods used in making silicone food molds for cake decoration.

silicone Baking Mold

Creating Food-Safe Baking Molds

Techniques to create reusable silicone decorative baking molds.

Candy Molds

Simple Candy Molds

Molds can be made duplicating your favorite confections.

cake texture mold

Cake Textures Mold Making

How to create prize-winning cake texture molds.

silicone fondant molds

Silicone Fondant Molds

Making silicone push molds for fondant made cake decorations

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Food-Safe Silicone

BakeSil food safe silicone rubber for all you cooking mold making needs.

Mold Putty

5-Minute Mold Putty, produces platinum catalyzed silicone molds in 5-minutes.

Jiffy Mixers

View the variety of our stainless steel Jiffy Mixers for all your mixing and stirring needs

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Culinary Mold Making