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Block Mold - Single Part - Step 8

Figure 8

Mix the two components thoroughly scraping the sides and the bottom. You know you have mixed long enough when the material is an even shade of blue throughout – without any marbleizing. Mixing takes about 1-minute.  

Block Mold - Single Part - Step 9

Figure 9

If you don’t use a vacuum chamber to de-air, then pour a high narrow stream of MoldRite, staying in one position. That method minimizes air bubbles. Make certain you cover the top of the model with at least 1-inch of MoldRite.

Block Mold - Single Part - Step 10

Figure 10

We test for firmness with a craft stick. MoldRite will set in about 2-hours at which time you can demold. Simply slit the side of the cup to slide out the finished mold.

Block Mold - Single Part - Step 11

Figure 11

Cut a saw-tooth pattern in one side of the mold using a sharp knife to remove the model.

Block Mold - Single Part - Step 12

Figure 12

Spread the mold apart at the cut, and work the model out slowly. Note the saw-tooth cut.

Block Mold - Single Part - Step 13

Figure 13

Now you are ready to create your first casting with your new mold. Slip an elastic band over the mold to keep the mold closed so it will not leak when you pour in the casting material.
Block Mold - Single Part - Step 14

Figure 14

Mix the casting material of choice such as CastRite casting plaster or polyurethane resin according to the manufacturer's direction and pour the casting mixture into the silicone mold.

Block Mold - Single Part - Step 15

Figure 15

After the casting material cures, remove the rubber band and and open the mold to remove your new casting.

Block Mold - Single Part - Step 16

Figure 16

Here the casting is displayed next to the mold. The mold can be used many times over to replicate exact duplicates of any part that you created the mold for. The materials listed here are available in better art stores through the country.




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