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Block Mold Injection  15

Figure 15

Pour the material high, slowly and in a narrow stream, starting from the corner of the mold box, or mold, letting the material flow freely into the box or mold cavity. This method will usually not introduce any new bubbles into the vacuumed material. 

Block Mold Injection 16

Figure 16

Continue pouring in the same spot as the silicone fills the mold box.

Block Mold Injection 17

Figure 17

Continue pouring until the silicone fills the mold box to the top.

Block Mold Injection 18

Figure 18

When the mold has cured (usually in about 3-hours for MoldRite 25.), remove the duct tape and foam board to reveal the first half of the mold.

Block Mold Injection 19

Figure 19

Now that that the model has been de-molded, flip it over so that the silicone mold is facing downward and the model is facing toward the ceiling and begin removing all the clay and the acorn mold key nuts. 

Block Mold Injection 20

Figure 20

Clean and polish the mold with a dry towel or wash cloth which has a slightly rough surface. This should remove the balance of any residual clay.

Block Mold Injection  21

Figure 21

Once the silcone is clean and free of clay we can begin creating the mold box to create the second half of the mold. We use scored foam board as before to surround the bottom of the mold to create the new mold box. 


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