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Ballistic Supplies

Ballistic Supplies

Ballistic clays and gels used in performing ballistic testing. Roma No. 1 clay and clear ballistic gels are used for preforming terminal ballistic testing, these ballistic products provide unmatched terminal ballistics data for all types of rifles, handguns, machine guns, muzzle loaders, air rifles and pistols, bows, and crossbows. We offer various materials to accommodate every need. No matter the size or shape, it performs the same.

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How to Melt Ballistics Gel

Learn how to properly and safely melt clear ballistics gel.

Clear Ballistics Gel Test

Clear Ballistics Gel test of the Corbon MPR 125gr 300 Blackout round.

Review of Roma Ballistic Clay

This video discusses and examines Roma No. 1 Ballistics Clay.

Ballistic Clay in Action

Soft body armor penetration using ballistic clay.

Glock -vs.- Ballistic Gel Torso

Shooting Ballistic Gel Torso "Casualty Carl" with a full automatic glock.

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Associated Products

Ballistic Clay

Roma Number 1 ballistics clay, the designated backing material for the testing of ballistic vests.

Ballistic Gel Head

The head is made of a modern day ballistic gelatin, which is 100% synthetic.

Ballistic Gel Torso

The torso is made of a modern day ballistic gelatin, which is 100% synthetic.

Ballistics Gel Blocks

20% clear ballistic gel NATO block made of synthetic ballistic gelatin is reusable.

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Ballistic Supplies